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EUGENE, Physician

"I have a long standing left sided L5/S1 radiculopathy that manifests primarily as a weakness of the leg and buttock muscles resulting in walking and balance problems. She is extremely conscientious and knowledgeable and well focused on the problems. I have worked with several physical therapists in the past, and I think she is comparable if not better than the best of them. She is continually studying to improve herself and constantly applies her new knowledge to training programs."

DEANA, Massage Therapist

“I was very impressed with Dianne’s personality instantly upon meeting her. She is friendly, caring, sweet, and outgoing. My sister highly recommended her services as a personal trainer, and raved about her personality. I began referring her, and continue to refer her services to my clients. I have also massaged clients she has trained, who have also raved about both her skills as a trainer and her interpersonal skills. She has extensive knowledge of muscle anatomy and physiology.”

JERRY, Social Worker

"The key word for me is personal. Dianne’s professional care and concern about the issues I face as an older person and the training I receive has reflected my special needs. I always feel that I am not pushed beyond what I can do, nor am I allowed to get away with being an under achiever. My mobility has improved and I feel much better than when I started training. It is Dianne’s personal warmth and professionalism that keeps me coming back."

BARBARA, Educator

"I first met with Dianne because spinal stenosis was causing back and leg pain and I needed to build core strength. Dianne was very perceptive in her evaluation, even noting that my sneakers were too heavy and rigid, thereby interfering with my gait. I followed her advice and noted drastic improvement. Ultimately, I needed corrective surgery followed by prescriptive physical therapy at a medical facility. I found that Dianne’s insight into my physical problem was more thorough than at that facility. I have a lot of confidence in Dianne and her cheerful personality makes working with her fun."

GUNTHER, Psychologist

"It has become clear to me that Dianne is quite sophisticated medically and takes pride in constantly furthering her medical knowledge. She is always prepared for each session and one gets the feeling that she personally invests herself in every client’s case. She seems very much in control of her work, remembers all relevant information about her clients’ health, their exercises (and sometimes even their interesting highlights). High spirited, Dianne delightfully diverts her clients from the tension and discomfort of the exercises with her high intelligence and quick wit. I would also mention that other clients of hers whom I met before or after my session were equally impressed with her professionalism, amiability and sense of humor."

IRWIN, Accountant

"Since I have been training with Dianne my posture has drastically improved, in fact I have grown almost two inches! I do not get tired as frequently as I use to, and most of all I have taken off some weight. She has also helped me understand how my biomechanics affects my golf game. I couldn’t be happier with the results."

MARK, Engineer

"I’ve had the joy of working with Dianne in 2 capacities. She oversaw the Fitness Department at our site so I worked with her on a daily basis. She is very organized and is always on top of her programs. She knows how to take initiative and follows thru each project to the very end. She has also treated an arm injury and shin splints by using Muscle Activation® Techniques. She is an excellent practitioner and would highly recommend to anyone with pain. She loves working with the human body and it shows."

BRUCE, Business Owner

"My Dad and I thought Dianne was the greatest, period! There is no higher compliment we can make. She was always upbeat, friendly, thoughtful and quick with humor, keeping my Dad interested in the exercise regimen when he could have “packed it in.” It was so important to him both physically and spiritually to have the opportunity to see her one on one twice a week."

JONI, Adult Services Coordinator

"Dianne has helped me improve my posture and I feel so much better now. She is very knowledgeable and truly has a passion for what she does. I know I am in good competent hands with Dianne."

PHIL, Attorney

"The work of Dianne Datu has been outstanding. My experience stems from watching her embrace my brother who has special needs. Dianne embraced him from the very outset in her tender manner on evaluation. Then, she exhibited exceptional care and interest in his program, well being, and following up with me and the people at the nursing home where he resides. It is people like Dianne that makes our world a better place to live, and Dianne should be commended for her work."

GAIL, Educator

"Dianne is very knowledgeable about her clients’ individual needs and works to help them become better physically and mentally as well. She also has the best personality. The hour flies by and I feel better because of Dianne."

TAMY, Early Childhood Director

"My husband and I started working with Dianne about six months ago, to date we have lost a combined 30 pounds and dropped at least one pant size. Our goal was to find a way as a couple to exercise, get healthy and spend time together. Dianne has continued to help us reach our goals. She is very competent, experienced and really takes the time to make you feel like she is really listening and cares. She is the best!"

PAUL, Business Owner

"Dianne is the only trainer I know who takes the time to be in constant contact with my orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist. She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding my treatment. In addition, she periodically gives them detailed progress reports. I know it isn’t standard procedure for trainers to spend their time calling medical professionals that’s how I know Dianne truly cares about my well-being. I’ve referred Dianne to many friends who’ve exhausted all types of treatment and were in chronic pain and each and every one of them has come back pain-free. She truly is a miracle-worker."


"Dianne is a personal trainer, and like a physiotherapist, physical therapist and coach all in one. She truly is the one stop shop!"

BETTY, Clinical Psychologist

"I would highly recommend Dianne as a personal trainer. I work as a Clinical Psychologist with many clients with eating disorders and weight issues and feel very good about referring my clients to her."

CHARLES, Service Coordinator

"Training with Dianne has definitely improved my posture and hip rotation, which is essential for playing golf. So far her training approach and techniques have been the answer to my fundamental development. Her techniques can discipline both beginner and advanced students to adopt her training style and make it last for a lifetime of health and fitness."

DEBBY, Personal Trainer / Yoga Instructor

"I have known Dianne for several years and have had the privilege to work for her and with her. She is extremely focused and dedicated to her profession as well as her clients. The saying “over achiever” definitely comes to my mind when I think of her accomplishments! You can really tell she takes alot of pride in her work. This past year she decided to take her career to another level, and has enrolled in an intensive program which specifically works on correcting muscular imbalances. I am confident this added skill will be what separates Dianne from other trainers."

JUDY, Interior Designer

"I have never found a trainer that motivates me like Dianne. Recently, I had a herniated disc and am also worried that I will re-injure my back. Dianne is very knowledgeable about exercises and techniques that take into consideration my condition. It has been and will continue to be a pleasure working with her."

ALLAN, Executive Director

"I have directly supervised Dianne for the past 3 yrs at the JCC of Chicago. Dianne has an incredible ability as a personal trainer to work with clients to improve their fitness, strength, sense of balance, and overall health. As a trainer, she carefully plans each session and has an incredible manner of engaging with each client she trains. Dianne works hard to further her knowledge by educating herself thru professional development conferences she attends to stay informed about the latest fitness trends in the industry. The impact of her work is displayed beyond just clients, as she has also successfully trained employees on staff, and continues to get rave reviews from everyone she trains. Dianne is a true asset to the fitness industry and the JCC."

MIGUEL, Physician

"After 15 years of not working out, I wanted to get back into shape and decided I wanted to train for a marathon. Dianne was not only very knowledgeable, but also very enthusiastic. She made sure we had lots of fun along the way. I have since lost a lot of weight and ran my first race in Uruguay with my brother, all thanks to Dianne."

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