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Joint Maintenance & Arthritis - $299

The 6-week Joint Maintenance and Arthritis Program will educate you on proper fitness and lifestyle changes to help you exercise safely and reduce the risk of injury by increasing your strength, flexibility, stability and coordination. This program is ideal for those with arthritis, a joint replacement, or joint pain.



Back School - $149

During our 30 day Dynamic Back School Program, you will learn about fitness, proper body mechanics and lifestyle changes to help you strengthen your back, alleviate pain and minimize the risk of future injuries. If you have had back surgery in the past or have chronic back pain, this program is for you. Now you can be sure you are doing the correct exercises without hurting yourself.


Diabetes & Hypertension Course - $299

Instead of being one of the millions who suffer from Diabetes and Hypertension, let us educate you on ways to manage your health with diet and exercise. Are you aware that you can improve your health even after being diagnosed with Diabetes or Hypertension? We can help you get off medication, lower your blood pressure, and improve your blood sugars. We will empower you to take control of your health.

Our Medical Fitness Classes are designed to help you manage your medical condition in a group setting. This program is taught and supervised by a trainer. Registration is required.

Each of our courses include:

  • Initial Fitness Evaluation

  • 6 group classes (exercise and education)

  • Workshop Manual

  • Independent exercise program

  • Fitness Report Card

  • Work directly with a Medical Exercise Trainer

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